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Wednesday, July 20, Email Print. Homepage World. Anastasiya Melnychenko pictured has launched a campaign to shatter taboos in her homeland and neighbouring Russia.

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Academic journal article Journal of Pan African Studies. The concept of taboo is a universal concept wherein realisation varies from one language to another, one culture to another, and one speech community to another. For instance, while it might be a taboo in the Yoruba language and culture to refer literally to some private body parts, as direct reference to these sensitive body parts carries connotation of shame and embarrassment, it might not be the case in another culture.

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Same-sex relationships are no longer taboo in countries that declare pro-Western values. The story of two women from Ukraine who live in the Czech Republic impresses. They moved long ago.

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The revolution itself, together with the consequent Russian hybrid assault on Ukraine, are said to have sparked a fundamental reassessment of what it means to be Ukrainian. As a result, narrow definitions of Ukrainian identity rooted in linguistic and ethnic interpretations have given way to a broader civic understanding that embraces people from a far wider variety of backgrounds — at least in theory. Ukraine has been a multicultural society for hundreds of years.

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Kiev AFP - It was yet another online discussion blaming a rape victim for provoking her attacker that prompted Ukrainian activist Anastasiya Melnychenko's campaign to shatter taboos in her homeland and neighbouring Russia. In response Melnychenko typed out an unflinching account of the string of sexual assaults she has suffered throughout her life then posted it on Facebook with the hashtag IAmNotAfraidToSpeak, repeated in Ukrainian and Russian. Her courageous move this month opened the floodgates and soon hundreds of women in Ukraine and Russia started to share their own personal stories of sexual violence, a subject that is more often hushed up or ignored.

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Giving birth is a feat of endurance for any woman. But aggressive treatment at the hands of medical staff, as well as corruption, make it even harder in Ukraine. Hospital childbirth: a conveyor for the production of children or the most reliable way to protect a woman and a child? All rights reserved.

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Many men have visited both countries out of desire for adventure and females alike. However, no two cultures are the same, and the differences between Serbian and Ukrainian women are not to be glossed over. Serbia is a Southern European nation of 7 million.

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Noncommercial, same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults in private is legal in Ukrainebut prevailing social attitudes are often described as being intolerant of LGBT people and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for any of the same legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. These events have been marred by violent attacks by nationalist groups and cancellation by authorities. Most Ukrainians affiliate with the Eastern Orthodox Churchwhich has a significant influence on the perception of society towards members of the LGBT community.


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